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In many ways, we’re still in the early innings of the Big Data phenomenon.  While it’s taken a few years, building the infrastructure to store and process massive amounts of data was just the first phase.  AI/machine learning is now precipitating a trend towards the emergence of the application layer of Big Data.   The combination of Big Data and AI will drive incredible innovation across pretty much every industry.  From that perspective, the Big Data opportunity is probably even bigger than people thought.

As Big Data continues to mature, however, the term itself will probably disappear, or become so dated that nobody will use it anymore.  It is the ironic fate of successful enabling technologies that they become widespread, then ubiquitous, and eventually invisible.

Big Data Landscape 2016 v18 FINAL

Is Big Data Still a Thing? (The 2016 Big Data Landscape)

Matt Turck   VC at FirstMark   @mattturck

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